Based in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida, the National Croquet Club's membership spans the globe. We are proud to claim the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center as our home.                 We extend an open invitation for you to visit us anytime.

NCC Championship Singles 2015

Jan. 16-17-18th 





The elected Club Board members are John Blamire (President); Jim Grady (VP); Ian Harshman (Secretary);and Linda Nelson (Treasurer).  The CFA Board designee's remain the same at this time.

Twilight Croquet: In a shoot out at the stake, Don Whalen edged out Jean Bytner to take home the Clarence Trophy for the 6th time in four years. Don Thanks all who baked, decorated or shared in eating his Thank You cake. Twilight Croquet continues over the summer at 3:30 P.M.

                                                    VETERANS DAY PARADE

We want to thank all of the members who helped behind the scenes and those who walked in the Parade, distributed the information cards and worked at the booth. Great job and greatly appreciated.

Full Moon Games 

At 6 P.M. 26 players with lights in hand gathered for our Moonlight Croquet. The full moon was out and clubhouse lights were on. Most players had already partnered up so gathering foursomes was easy.We only played two 45 minute game as players were anxious to get to drinks, pub meal or chess.  Lights worked well once you learned how to adjust them. One strategy players picked up on was not to shine your light in the area where your opponent was playing their ball.  And for shine the light towards the wicket that your partner was going for! 

What Fun everyone had and the comments were "we should do this more often even without a Full Moon.


      New Board 2014

*Members can check the letter from the Club President

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  New Menu 

  Lunch will be served Tuesday's through Saturday's 11:30-2:00

Bar service is always available to Members and the public during dining hours.  If there's no bartender, ask any SandyJames (dining service - caterer) employee for service.

Thursday Pub Night!

Happy Hour 5:00 - 7:00 PM.  Pub menu available.


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Welcome to the National Croquet Club Home Page. The Club is the largest in the US, and is headquartered at the Charles P. Steuber National Croquet Center (NCC), owned and operated by the Croquet Foundation of America (CFA). The NCC is the largest and finest dedicated croquet center in the world. It resides on ten beautiful acres in West Palm Beach just minutes away from Palm Beach International Airport. It is located between Trump International Golf course and the Palm Beach Zoo & the Science Museum on the corner of Florida Mango & Summit Avenue.

It has a 19,000 square foot, Caribbean-Colonial-style building that provides headquarters office space for the CFA, the United States Croquet Association (USCA), and the Club. It also houses the Croquet Museum, the Croquet Hall of Fame, and the largest croquet shop in the US. It is a haven of peace in a bustling world. Inside you will find wide entryways; gracious space for dining; an elegant lounge; and two ballrooms upstairs for dinners, dancing, or meetings, or a combination thereof. It is surrounded by wide verandas overlooking four acres of lush lawns that are the equivalent of laser-level putting greens (105’ X 84’ each). These qualities make it an ideal party space for almost any event. Click here: to go the the National Croquet Center website for full details of the building and its capacities.

Come for a free lesson at 10:00 AM any Saturday (Must call for reservations) and we will teach you or your guests a simple game called golf croquet that can be learned in minutes, is great fun, yet it becomes more and more strategic as your talent grows. More...


Serious Croquet:                    

This remarkable new limited edition 11" x 14" full color table-top book clearly illustrates the artistry, emotions and camaraderie of competitive croquet by combining the dramatic, gallery-like photographs and portraits by Bob Chilton, exhibited photographer, philanthropist and championship-level croquet player, with the delightful narrative and captivating prose of John Osborn, writer/reporter and multi-year National Croquet Champion. Together they have captured the beauty of this sport, showing its players in all their diversity and explaining why we play the game.

Click here for more information about the formats available for purchase.    Use the Order Form to get yours today! 



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